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If you google¬† “Exclusief Webdesign” or “Exclusieve Websites” you will notice -in both cases- Pink Sun Webdesign ranks right at the top!

search engine optimization

Pink Sun Webdesign delivers every website with a solid basic SEO.

SEO title, meta description, the titles of the pages, the ALT texts with the image material and the like are provided.
This standard SEO is sufficient for companies that mainly use their website to inform the visitor. What they have to offer, information and so on.
An example of this is our own website. Most customers of Pink Sun come via recommendation. On this website potential customers can see what we have to offer.

eleborate seo

A company that needs to rank very well at the search engines, such as web shops or companies that need to be found locally (for example a dentist, a personal trainer or a therapist) will benefit greatly from having extra SEO applied.

We will then look at the full content in more detail (your text is extremely important), Google Analytics (What words are people using in their search?), landing pages, links and backlinks and so on.

This investment will pay for itself squared later on.

local ranking

Make sure your company is registered at Google my business. Don’t forget to ask your customers to rate your company!
We also highly recommended you add your business to Apple Maps and local business directories like and