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digital design and development

custom designed unique websites

Usually we start building a website with a blanc page, an interview and a fresh brainy storm!
We build our websites using a WordPress builder or the Wix drag and drop system. The client becomes the owner of the website and can easily adjust text afterwards.
Both WordPress and Wix have proven themselves over the years to thousands of users and both have the possibility to add numerous applications and coding.
This way we can add payment systems, agenda’s, member areas and so on. The list is endless.
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custom wordpress design

custom coded exclusive websites – custom build applications

We also offer custom coded websites, still using WordPress. This way your website will entirely fit your needs and wishes, plus it will run cleaner and faster. These websites may also contain custom built applications.
You adjusting the content of your website afterwards will be more simple.
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from interview to website

Creating a website is a process. Even if it’s your fifth one. Pink Sun leads this process by dividing in parts.
We start every assignment with an interview:

  • Do you have branding? Would you like us to help you create a (digital) identity?
  • What would you like to achieve using your website?
  • Which audience would you like to attract?
  • Is the website primarily to show what the company has to offer, or is it important to be at the top of the search engine?
  • Do you deliver the content yourself? Do we need to help? Or would you like Pink Sun to deliver it?
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5 steps towards creating a neat website

1. UX design

We start to whole process by designing the layout and the mapping.
The User Experience (UX) should be excellent.
A website should be seen as an attractive  book. With very clear chapters and referrals. Everything should be found easily.
You want your websites visitors to be able to interact. This give the visitor a sense of connection.
Good UX design and a high interaction is very good for the SEO as well.

2. Content

Content consists of text, images, videos, infographics, maps et cetera.
A story must be as clear as possible. But the text must also be attractive, so that people keep reading and perform actions (conversions).
Good content also has a direct impact on the SEO of the website.

Pink Sun can, if desired, deliver all content, including copywriting.

3. SEO

Pink Sun delivers every website with good SEO basics. Your site will appear very professional on Google.
If it’s important to be rank high on Google, we will discuss further SEO steps.

4. Responsiveness

Pink Sun concludes by making the website responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile phone.
It does not matter which device is used to view your website, it will look professional and function perfectly.

5. Art, Style & Design

Pink Sun Webdesign creates websites that look as if they’re alive.
Every website is unique. Based on the identity that fits the company or organization.
All our websites have style, quality, tranquility, strength and overview in common though. This keeps them beautiful for years to come.

Customers who had their website made by Pink Sun years ago indicate they still receive compliments about it.

It’s like a car you have to learn to drive. (Or for which you hire a driver … that’s Pink Sun)
Allright …  much more than a car ->
A car COSTS and a website YIELDS you (if all goes well) income.
So take a look at what we do about SEO and MARKETING !!!